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Client Success Stories

  • A package of essential operational tools is how our District views the suite of Baragar applications.... More >
    Greater Victoria School District
  • We use GeoSchool frequently for School Accommodation Reviews. Due to our significantly declining enrolment,... More >
    Limestone District School Board
  • Staff Allocator has saved us hours of trying to calculate class size averages.... More >
    West Vancouver
  • We showed parents why we need to close a school, using declining enrolment projections from Demographic Dynamics... More >
    Red Deer Public School District
  • We used ThemeMap to create a socio-economic profile of the schools in our district, giving weights to certain criteria, in order to identify those schools most in need.... More >
    School District No. 40 (New Westminster)
  • Staff Allocator enables us to react very quickly in a rapidly changing environment... More >
    Ottawa Carlton School Board
  • We are in the process of reconfiguring a K to 8 school from two K to 5 schools and one 6 to 8 school.... More >
    Red Deer Public School District
  • ThemeMap data helps our Food Services Department determine which schools will be part of their free lunch program.... More >
    Surrey School District
  • The Business Development Department uses the stats from ThemeMap for funding requests... More >
    Surrey School District
  • We used GeoSchool to close a school and distribute the affected pupils to 3 other schools by changing the boundaries.... More >
    Surrey School District

Making Informed Decisions

Making Informed Decisions

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