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Demographic Dynamics

Interactive enrolment projection software that facilitates analysis of staffing and capacity requirements for 15 years into the future.


A geographic information system designed to aid in capital resource management and educational problem solving — no technical expertise required.

Staff Allocator

Optimizes the organization of each elementary and middle school in the most cost-effective manner, taking into consideration contractual or educational parameters concerning class size or composition.


A thematic display of information based on the geographies of the schools in the District. It has been described as an ideal vehicle for policy development and to aid in understanding a school’s community profile.

School Locator

Answers queries from the public as to where their children should attend school.

District Intelligence

A  web-based tool designed to transform your data into information and increase its reach.

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  • Staff Allocator has saved us hours of trying to calculate class size averages. The school secretaries provide the latest enrolments online and it takes seconds to punch a button in Staff Allocator to monitor the classes. If they are over the class size average...
    Bob McKay
    Former Manager of Human Resources
    West Vancouver School District
  • Julie MacRae
    Former Director of Education
    Regina Public School Division
  • We used GeoSchool to close a school and distribute the affected pupils to 3 other schools by changing the boundaries. We decided to close a school built in 1944 because renovation costs were high, the surrounding area had become commercial and unsafe for the...
    Kerry Novack
    Former Research Analyst for Facilities and Demographics Planning
    Surrey School District


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