Features of our customized, turnkey system and services include:

  • Baragar’s experts build, customize, and maintain an interactive map of your jurisdiction’s school boundaries.
  • Share multiple boundary-change/new school/school closure scenarios as part of a public consultation strategy.
  • Click-through to District Intelligence School Profiles.

Why Baragar?

Personalized ongoing support

Our service doesn’t end once your annual software update is delivered. Need help or advice? We’re here for you.

Leverage accurate data

All good strategy begins with good data! Curating data from external sources is complicated and time-consuming – we do it all for you.

Experienced Staff

Team leads average 20+ years of experience at Baragar, with additional staff averaging 10+ years.

Move beyond reactive planning

Baragar’s software, data, and services highlight potential problems well in advance. Taking proactive action allows you to minimize the impact on students and families.