A thematic display of information based on the geography of the District. It has been described as an ideal vehicle for policy development and to aid in understanding a school’s community profile.

  • Choose a view and the map instantly shades the school catchment areas from ‘hot’ to ‘cold’ to the degree to which they meet the selected criteria, making visual analysis easy.

  • Includes powerful reporting and presentation features such as the ability to create “Super Indicators” (Socio-Economic Indicators, Human Resources Indicators, Test Score Analysis, Facility Indicators, etc.).

  • Provides the ability to visually correlate data, such as allowing the user to relate test scores data to socio-economic indicators or to pupil absenteeism.

  • Identifies schools with exemplary practices in subjects, grades or both for best practices development.

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  • We use the low socioeconomic indicators from the 2006 Census data in ThemeMap to determine which schools would get additional funding from our “Socioeconomic Support Fund”. We made the decision to shift funding from one school to another because of changes from the 2001...
    Don Falk
    Former Superintendent of Schools
    Red Deer Public Schools
  • Ken Sommerfeldt
    Former Superintendent of Schools
    Westwind School Division
  • ThemeMap data helps our Food Services Department determine which schools will be part of their free lunch program. The Socio-Economic indicators give us the make-up of the student population for each of our schools and helps us identify the schools that have pupils in...
    Kerry Novack
    Former Research Analyst for Facilities and Demographics Planning
    Surrey School District